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Back-up Services

A new way to store your files and access remotely.

About Back-Up Services

  • Backup multiple computers and devices
  • Continuous data backup             
  • Open files and network drive backup               
  • External hard drives and NAS devices           
  • Remotely manage your computers         
  • Disk Image Backup

Back-Up Features 

Protect All Your Devices

The solution to protecting all of your multiple devices into a single account!

Small Business Cloud Backup

Enterprise secure data protection for all of your business computers, servers, and mobile devices.

Server Backup

Backup running databases and servers

Cloud Storage

Backup your data from multiple devices into your cloud storage account.

Mobile Backup

Backup your device contacts, photos, videos, calendar events on both iOS & Android, in addition, you can also back up SMS and call logs on Android!

Manage backup of Remote Computers

Push changes to backup sets, settings to all device in near real-time response