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Wi-fi Site Survey

Wi-fi site surveys are an important tool for analyzing network performance, diagnosing problems, and measuring your success in fixing Wi-fi problems.


In pre-installation, Wi-fi site surveys are typically performed before installing a wireless network and are an important step before the planning and design phase of installing a wireless network. This helps to identify the correct specifications of all Wi-fi and network equipment required, the restrictions imposed by specific locations and buildings involved in the integration, and optimized specific equipment for the network environment.

RINCSIT-Global Field Engineering


In post-installation testing of your site’s performance against a set of agreed parameters and often identify areas that can be improved. It can also be used to validate existing legacy-based systems that are already known to require upgrades or replacements. Therefore, post-installation research is an important indicator and validation tool for the current performance of wireless systems. There are many factors that influence the WiFi networking capabilities of your area, and multithreaded WiFi location analysis ensures that your network offers maximum coverage and performance for your unique business needs.

What do we perform in Wi-fi site survey?

RINCSIT-Global Field Engineering