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University MFA Portal Enhancement and 2FA Integration Project

Project Overview

Our team is currently engaged with a prestigious University in America, focusing on the significant task of enhancing their Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) portal. This project includes rescuing a crashed project, meeting the university’s specific enhancement requirements, and transitioning their two-factor authentication (2FA) system to the advanced Duo Universal Prompt, all aimed at improving security and user experience.



The university’s MFA portal faced a critical challenge: the integrated Duo iframe for 2FA was nearing its end of support in March 2024, posing a potential risk to the university’s security framework. This technology transition was imperative to maintain the highest standards of security and user access continuity.



Our comprehensive solution to the university’s needs involved several key technologies and strategic actions:

  • Immediate Crash Fix and System Restoration: Quick action was taken to diagnose and resolve the system crash, using diagnostic and recovery tools to bring the MFA portal back to full functionality.
  • Enhancement Implementation: We collaborated closely with the university to implement enhancements that improved portal functionality and user experience. These enhancements were supported by robust backend technologies including Cloud Foundry for application deployment, PostgreSQL, and Oracle databases for data management, ensuring high performance and scalability.
  • Transition to Duo Universal Prompt: Addressing the discontinuation of Duo iframe support, we facilitated a seamless transition to Duo Universal Prompt. This involved integrating the new 2FA method into the portal, enhancing security measures without compromising user experience.
  • Use of eDirectory: To manage user identities and access privileges efficiently, eDirectory was utilized as part of the security infrastructure enhancement, ensuring a robust and scalable identity management solution.
  • Ongoing Support and Optimization: Our commitment extends beyond the initial deployment. We continue to provide support, leveraging Cloud Foundry, PostgreSQL, Oracle databases, and eDirectory to ensure the MFA portal remains secure, efficient, and aligned with the university’s evolving requirements.



This project is set to significantly elevate the security and functionality of the university’s MFA portal. By leveraging Cloud Foundry, PostgreSQL, Oracle databases, eDirectory, GitHub for version control, and Jenkins for continuous integration and delivery, and transitioning to Duo Universal Prompt for 2FA, we are ensuring that the university is prepared with a forward-thinking, robust security system. The enhanced MFA portal will safeguard against unauthorized access while providing a seamless user experience for the university’s community.


Technologies Used

  • Cloud Foundry for streamlined application deployment and management.
  • PostgreSQL and Oracle Databases for robust, scalable data management solutions.
  • eDirectory for efficient identity and access management.
  • Duo Universal Prompt for cutting-edge two-factor authentication.
  • GitHub for source code management and version control.
  • Jenkins for automating the build and deployment process, ensuring continuous integration and delivery.

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