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Project Overview

Client: S.Shah Construction

Services Delivered: Website Development and Social Media Marketing

About S.Shah Construction:

S.Shah Construction ltd is one of few companies registered with LABC and is dependable, reliable, and trustworthy. They specialize in houses, front driveways, gardening & landscaping, and loft extensions.

Website Solutions for S.Shah Construction


In 2020 S.Shah Construction had a website that was just a demo site with very little information and was slow and difficult to update. It was totally messed up like not mobile-friendly, outdated designs, not SEO Optimized, less Web content, low-quality images, and loading issues.


Phase 1

Website Development

The first phase started as the development of the website, all the necessary requirements and information were collected that were needed in order to increase the growth of the business. After the first baby steps, we started by creating the necessary pages that were both desktop and mobile-friendly. We worked on the designs for quite a while to make sure it was compatible enough. With the creation of the process in progress, we could focus on content placement and social media marketing in the second phase.

Phase 2

Content Placement | Social Media Marketing

After the completion of the first phase, the important process was to place the content in their suitable positions. The content and the suitable images were handed at the beginning and were very easy to work with. As the content placement was completed the only remaining task was social media marketing. For the completion of this process, we created different social media accounts for our clients and started boosting the posts as per their requirements.

Website Solutions for S.Shah Construction
Website Solutions for S.Shah Construction