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A case Study on Journey of Gurkha's Pride Website

Journey of Gurkha’s pride Website with Online Ordering Integration

Project Overview

Client: Gurkha’s Pride Nepalese & Indian Cuisine

Services Delivered: Website Development, Online food Ordering Integration, POS Installation, and Social Media Marketing.

Gurkha’s Pride Nepalese and Indian Cuisine is a restaurant located
in Ruislip London providing the most popular Nepalese and Indian foods restaurant providing services for over 16 years. This restaurant is famous for Indian foods with proper dining. They combine fresh produce and seasonal ingredients to create Indian and Nepalese cuisine with an innovative twist.


Restaurant owner Mr. Janak Rokka approached RINCS IT for creating an e-commerce website first. We asked for the actual problems he was having. He was getting restaurant orders through third party companies and was paying commissions. Few times he was being forced for refunds or threatened to remove the service. His actual website was outdated and was not able to take orders through it.
His POS system was also expired with license and the current pos provider was forcing to subscribe to their add on services for taking away commissions and support for the POS. He wanted to have total freedom so he did not have to pay the commission, with total control on customer dealings.


Journey of Gurkha’s pride Website with Online Ordering Integration
Journey of Gurkha’s pride Website with Online Ordering Integration



We created a mobile-friendly website and integrated a food ordering platform where he could have access and add/edit menus, price, offers, and coupons. He could also see the total stats of the website and order performance.
The platform provided solutions for an online table reservation and take orders for pickup delivered, order ahead, and pre-order.
Restaurants would receive an order on tablet or smartphones, and print directly to a printer.


The restaurant started having problems with their existing till on one of the terminals. We installed our till parallelly with their old POS on that terminal and got them to start using on a trial basis. Once we completed install on other terminals and have customer details transferred to a new one, provided training to staff.
We then activated the license once they were comfortable with it.

The advantage of this system was

  • Online order was integrated into the POS directly saving staff time in a busy period.
  • It was a one-time purchase of a license.
  • One license covering multiple terminals
  • Had many features such as Automation features on each functionality, Recall/Clone Previous Ticket, Customization available.
  • The database was able to import/export into excel
  • Mobile Reporting
Journey of Gurkha’s pride Website with Online Ordering Integration


Digital Marketing
Since the customer already had a large subscription on social media, the order was already started to come once the website details were updated. The customer agreed for us to manage the social media and we started in a different way of posting with correct contents and target, and the result started to get even better and the customer was happy with the number of orders we were received within three weeks of the website is first launched.